Chef Herb Productions, Inc. is proud to present the Finest Charlotte Catering.

Catered Southern Cuisine has never tasted better.  People all over the area enjoy the
delicious variety offered at  affordable prices. Chef Herb is a certified Executive Chef and his personal touch of excellence goes into every dish served.

A  few words from Chef Herb:

Hello, my name is Herb Rollins from Fort Mill, South Carolina.  I have been an Executive Chef in large hotels and restaurants all over the USA and have been preparing food for over 20+ years.  Chef Herb Productions, Inc. is in existence with help from my wife,  my marketing partner Bob Stevens, his wife and a little overall guidance from the good lord above.

Family Matters

I have a 6 year old son and a baby girl. The Stevens’ have a baby boy and a 4 year old daughter.
We are one big family excited to offer quality food and services to you. Together, we have over 55+ years of experience in the food and hospitality industry besides the well known industry of plain good ol’customer service.

You Can’t Teach this Stuff, but…

I am a Certified Executive Chef (CEC) through the American Culinary Federation.  This is a pretty exclusive group of professionals, yet once you get to know me, you will learn I am very down to earth & a true southern boy through and through.

My passion is BBQ Pork, Ribs, Brisket & Chicken (what we call Southern Cuisine) and I want to share it with you.  My catering team and I offer award winning, hand-crafted, competition caliber “Southern Cuisine” with a certain extra that only a Certified Executive Chef can supply.
We specialize in catering large group functions indoors or outside (i.e. church festivals, Corporate functions, weddings, large plant/warehouse staff cookouts and feeding the masses) with consistency and precision.